Ways to Give

Volunteer & Advocate

You can make a real difference with your voice and time, and we have plenty of programs that welcome every kind of assistance. Join us in uplifting Berkshire County. VOLUNTEER NOW

Personal Donation

Your financial support, no matter how large or small, helps keep all of our programs and initiatives throughout Central and Southern Berkshire County thriving. LEARN MORE

Corporate Giving

Build goodwill with measurable media exposure while making a difference locally. Everyone in Berkshire County benefits. LEARN MORE

Individual Leadership

Lead the way to lasting change with like-minded community members through action, recognition and involvement or begin with a donation. LEARN MORE

Workplace Campaigns

Around 65% of our annual campaign total comes from the 140 local companies and their 4,000 employee donors. Gifts take many forms—contributions, matching gifts, in-kind giving of products and services. LEARN MORE