Robert K. Agar, Jr. Volunteerism Award

Beginning with 1965, Berkshire United Way has annually selected a "Volunteer of the Year"  who has been a local volunteer whose personal commitment and dedication to the ideals of volunteerism was, in the judgement of others, truly exemplary.  In 1981, following the death of Mr. Robert K. Agar, Jr., a member of Berkshire United Way's Board of Directors, the Award was re-named to honor his memory. Beginning in 1984, a conscious decision was made by volunteers to re-position the Agar Award as an honor open to any person whose significant commitment to the ideals and spirit of volunteer service to the community was truly exemplary and worthy of emulation. 

The Robert K. Agar, Jr. Volunteerism Award honors an individual or group who represents the spirit of volunteerism in the Berkshire community and who is always ready, willing, and able to respond to those people who are in need and was awarded to Brenda Burdick of General Dynamics Mission Systems in 2017.

Daniel C. Dillon Helping Hands, Caring Heart Award

First introduced in 1999, this award recognizes an unsung hero in our community-one who quietly, with little fanfare or recognition, makes our community a better place through volunteer efforts. In 2005, upon being honored with the award, the name was changed to the Daniel C. Dillon Helping Hands, Caring Heart Award for Mr. Dillon's tireless efforts as the CEO of Berkshire United Way and a faithful steward of the organizations's brand, message and commitment to service.

The Helping Hand Award is given to recognize an individual or group of individuals who are there time and time again for those in need in our community.  It was instituted to honor special people in our community who serve those in need in many unique ways. The award was presented to Julie Salatino of the Berkshire Juvenile Court in 2017.

J Edward Dery Memorial Award

This award was first presented in 1997 to honor the memory of Ed Dery who, died very young but left a legacy of giving and caring for his community that few can ever hope to match. This is not an annual award.  It is presented to honor extraordinary commitment to the improvement of the quality of life for all in Berkshire County by and individual, foundation or organization. Past recipients include Peter Lafayette, 2014 - Marion Simon, 2013 - Susan Lombard, 2005 - Nicholas Boraski, 2003

Ruth P and Nicholas Boraski Leaders in Philanthropy Award

The Nicholas and Ruth Boraski Leaders in Philanthropy Award honors an individual, couple or group who have demonstrated by their personal example as well as financial commitment their dedication to  improving  the quality of life for everyone in our community regardless of their means.  This award was presented to Gary Johnshon, The Johnson Dealerships, Inc in 2016.

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