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Positive Youth Development

We’re increasing Berkshire graduation rates.

Based on data surveys and research, we know that alcohol and drug use, along with teen pregnancy, increases the likelihood failing to complete high school dropout – derailing future career or college plans. Your support allows us to promote healthier decisions with investments in after-school, college and career work-readiness, and mentoring programs. When youth succeed, our whole community rises.

Achievements & Methods 

Positive Youth Development Impact Council

You Help Us Fund

Alchemy Initiative
Roots Rising

Barrington Stage Company
Playwright Mentoring Project

Berkshire Children and Families
Kids 4 Harmony
Pittsfield Community Connection

Berkshire Youth Development Project
Humans of the Berkshires

Berkshire Family YMCA
Bright Futures

Berkshire Theatre Group
BTG Plays! After School Program

Dalton Community Recreation Association
CRA Mentoring Program
CRA Out of School Program

Flying Cloud Institute
Young Women In Science

Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center
Girls Inc. of the Berkshires

Community Work Initiative

MCLA Foundation/Berkshire Compact for Education
Berkshire County Goes to College

Railroad Street Youth Project
RSYP Mentoring Program

Shakespeare & Company
Shakespeare in the Courts

Berkshire Outreach Program

The Christian Center
Marilyn Hamilton Sports Literacy Program

The Salvation Army
Bridging the Gap between Youth and Community Services

Have Questions?

Please contact Kat Toomey, Coordinator of Positive Youth Development  at 413-442-6948 x 15 or with any questions you may have.