Diversity Statement

Berkshire United Way believes that to improve people’s lives and our community, it must strive to ensure that the staff, board of directors, volunteers and partner organizations reflect the diversity of the community. Berkshire United Way values diversity and inclusion in all of the processes implemented to address the mission of the organization.

To value diversity is to respect and appreciate race, religion, skin color, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical abilities, age, parental status, work and behavioral styles and to respect the varied perspectives of each individual shaped by their nation and experiences. To be inclusive is to leverage diversity by bringing together unique individual backgrounds to collectively and more effectively address the issues facing our communities.

Berkshire United Way recognizes that diversity is a critical component to achieving success in an ever-changing environment. Our ability to employ effective inclusion practices and to make them an integral part of our business will enable Berkshire United Way to fulfill its mission of improving people’s lives by leading, collaborating and mobilizing resources to address community needs and priorities.

Berkshire United Way will monitor its efforts to be inclusive by enforcement of its non-discrimination policy and hiring practices as well as through Board and volunteer recruitment efforts and consideration of partnerships with community organizations.


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