Economic Prosperity

Help us improve the local economy with a stronger workforce.

In the short term, we connect families to income boosting benefits such as SNAP, Transitional Assistance, and Earned Income Tax Credits. Long term, we focus on creating strategic partnerships aimed at improving workforce development to benefit everyone in our economy. 

Programs You Help Us Fund

Parent Wellness | EMPath

In partnership with Community Health Program (CHP), this program provides support for families through EMPATH Mentoring with a focus on the social determinants of health.

» Learn more about Parent Wellness/EMPath

SURGE Matched Savings Program

A matched savings program (or Individuals Development Account) is a special bank account that helps you save for your education, the purchase of a first home, or to start a business. You use earnings from your work to set up an approved bank account for an IDA.

Here's the SURGE Matched Savings Program overview

» What is an IDA?

Build and Repair Corps

The Habitat Build and Repair Corps offers hands-on training in residential construction where you will develop new skills and build affordable homes for local families. Earn a stipend while you prepare for your future.

» Learn more about Build and Repair Corps

Community Navigators – Working Cities | Berkshire Bridges

Community Navigators collaborate with community organizations on available programs and resources and serve as a community-based ambassadors and engagement specialists.

» Learn more about the Community Navigator Program

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program offers free tax preparation for households making $57,000 or less, persons with disabilities, the elderly, and limited English-language speakers. IRS certified volunteers help prepare federal and state taxes with fast, electronic filing.

» Learn more about the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program

» VITA info via the IRS

Money School

Money School is a trauma-informed financial independence initiative designed to create long-term safety and economic security for survivors of domestic or sexual violence.

» Learn more about Money School

Social Determinants of Health

The Community Health Worker/Social Determinants of Health program educates the immigrant community about and connects them with available resources provided by other social service agencies.

» Learn more about Social Determinants of Health

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