Workplace Campaign

Workplace Campaign

Berkshire United Way has a workplace campaign with over 175 local companies here in the Berkshires which helps to raise about 65% of our campaign total annually.  This includes over 6,000 employee donors who are helping Berkshire United Way improve the quality of life for all.  Leadership giving extends to a number of local corporations, businesses and community groups.  Year after year these organizations devote their resources and efforts to help others.  They know their support will help to build and shape the community they live and work in and they understand the benefit of their organization’s commitment and expertise.

Their gifts take many forms—contributions, matching gifts, products and services—but their combined impact helps ensure delivery of programs and services that meet the most critical needs in the Berkshires.

Perhaps your organization would like to contribute but you’re not sure how best to do that.  In-kind giving might be a good option.  For more information contact Duffy Judge, Development Manager at (413) 442-6948 x12.

Thinking about going to electronic pledging?

Electronic pledging makes giving one of the easiest decisions to make.  E-pledge is a way to make all of your pledges online and cut down on using paper forms.  Several companies, from large ones like Berkshire Bank to smaller ones like Hill Engineers Architects Planners, Inc. use e-pledge and find the resource easy.  In addition, the ability to get real time reports makes keeping track of the campaign a breeze.  Interested in signing up?  Contact Duffy Judge, Development Manager at (413) 442-6948 x12.

See a complete list of car winners here.


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