Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires Virtual Booth

Who We Are

The Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires provides infrastructure for Berkshire County’s large nonprofit sector. Founded in 2016, the NPC’s mission is to facilitate growth for charitable organizations through shared resources, affordable services, and creative collaborations. The NPC strives to make life easier for nonprofits and improve the organization and efficiency of the sector as a whole, serving as a clearinghouse for nonprofit information and resources, the premiere provider of professional development, and a key promoter of volunteerism. NPC programs are open to all nonprofits with NPC members receiving discounts and unique opportunities for increasing awareness of their organizations. There are 145 nonprofit members.

What We Do

The Nonprofit Center identifies gaps in services and opportunities to create affordable solutions for nonprofits. The NPC has launched over two dozen programs including the Berkshire Nonprofit Awards, the Giving Back Guide, Volunteer Fairs, and workshops. Its greatest value is in connecting nonprofits to resources including pro bono consultants, strategic planning facilitators, experts, businesses that serve nonprofits, job, grant, and education opportunities, and even to each other. The NPC is also growing its advocacy efforts.

Volunteer Opportunities

You can support the work of all nonprofits in the Berkshires by sharing their stories, programs, and updates to followers of NPC's social media platforms.

The Social Media Ambassador position helps to facilitate the online presence of the Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires. Using social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram, the Social Media Ambassador serves as an online representative of NPC Berkshires and its services, programs, and events. The Social Media Ambassador will liaise on social media accounts with nonprofits, local businesses and the wider Berkshires community to answer questions, share information and guide other nonprofits through accessing NPC Berkshires resources and services.

Check in with local nonprofits via phone or email. What do they need that we might help with? Are they aware of everything we are already doing? We can provide you with a contact list and a script.

Reviewing the NPC website will give you a good overview of our programs and services.

Contact information

Contact: Liana Toscanini, Executive Director

Phone: 413-441-9542

Email (preferred):