411 in the 413 Youth Conference Empowers Berkshire County Youth

The 13th annual 411 in the 413 Youth Conference was held at The Berkshire Museum on Thursday, April 11, 2019. A collaboration between Berkshire United Way, Northern Berkshire Community Coalition, and Railroad Street Youth Project as part of the Berkshire Youth Development Project, the 13th annual 411 in the 413 Youth Conference was organized by and created for local teens.

The countywide conference offers a unique opportunity for students from 14 high schools across Berkshire County to meet new people, delve into their passions, and discuss useful tools for navigating today’s world through a variety of workshops. The theme of this year’s conference was “Staying Afloat in the Modern World.”

“It’s exciting to have a whole day dedicated to youth and giving us access to new opportunities and tools for after high school,” said Miss Hall’s student and Berkshire United Way intern, Meredith Hall. “Most teens don’t have the opportunity to learn about interesting things like pet first aid, or yoga with therapy balls,” said added.

A unique feature of this year’s event was keynote speaker, Regi Wingo, a Berkshire native and staff member at the Elizabeth Freeman Center, an organization which provides life renewing help to survivors of domestic and sexual violence.


About Berkshire United Way
For more than 90 years, Berkshire United Way has been building a stronger community right here in Berkshire County. We support children and families wherever they are in their lives. We provide early education opportunities so children enter school ready to learn; give young people the tools they need to make healthy decisions; and help working families become financially stable. As part of a worldwide effort to create lasting change, we mobilize people and organizations to develop long-term solutions to current and emerging needs throughout the county.

Our vision is for Berkshire County to become a dynamic, engaged community with opportunities for all.

About Railroad Street Youth Project
At RSYP, youth take the lead. They explore their full potential and become equipped to meet the challenging transition to adulthood. RSYP’s professional staff matches youth-generated ideas with community resources, empowering youth to create and oversee a wide range of innovative, life-changing projects. Unmatched in mission and scope, RSYP excels in helping youth find their voice and realize the benefits of their commitment to themselves and their community.  RSYP serves 14-25 year old residents of Southern Berkshire County and the surrounding area through mentoring and apprenticeship programs, a sexual health education initiative, an all-youth board that funds innovative, youth-inspired projects and trips, job training and career counseling, and a drop-in center offering referrals, mediation, and advocacy services. Railroad Street Youth Project’s drop-in center is located at 60 Bridge St., Great Barrington, MA.


About Northern Berkshire Community Coalition
The Northern Berkshire Community Coalition is dedicated to empowering the Northern Berkshire region to enhance the quality of life through our efforts at connecting, convening, and supporting all facets of the community. The Coalition places particular emphasis on strengthening neighborhoods and community life; preventing youth alcohol/substance abuse and supporting recovery; helping families to be strong and resilient; fostering economic development; promoting health and wellness; supporting positive youth development and building bridges between residents and service agencies. nbCC is a member agency of the Northern Berkshire United Way and Williamstown Community Chest. For more information, visit www.nbccoalition.org.