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Economic Prosperity Impact Council (EPIC)

We do more of what works, so more of us can work.

This countywide coalition is creating more sustainable income opportunities for Berkshire residents by combining business, education, and non-profit expertise. Right now more than 17,000 people age 16-64 are unemployed in Berkshire County and an additional 26,000 people are underemployed. And of those, only 2,700  collect unemployment with job placement support. Together, we're working to reduce these numbers with effective local placement and training programs.

Right now more than 17,000 people age 16-64 are unemployed in Berkshire County, and only 2,700 of them are collecting unemployment benefits with job placement support. An additional 26,000 people are underemployed. 

You Help Us Achieve

Access to Job Openings

Employment Match-Maker Programming  
By coordinating local employer needs with the unemployed and/or underemployed individuals in our region, through facilitated conversations and skill assessments we connect individuals with the community resources, job-relevant training, certificate and degree opportunities to meet them. 

Adult Work-Based Experience/College Internships
We work to create and uncover experiential learning/internship openings with local employers that can provide local adults with on-the-job training to better position them for full-time employment.

Join Us

The Economic Prosperity Impact Council meets quarterly, on the first Friday of the month in August, November, February, and May. If interested in joining us, please contact Kat Toomey, Coordinator of Economic Prosperity at 413-442-6948 x 15 or with any questions you may have.