Early Childhood Impact Council

Making early education a priority in Berkshire County.

The Early Childhood Impact Council (ECIC) works in collaboration with community stakeholders (government, businesses, social service agencies, health systems, and early childhood providers) to support a countywide effort using supportive data, advocacy, professional development, policy changes, and marketing approaches to help reach our population goal of improving kindergarten readiness and third-grade reading proficiency.

You Help Us Achieve

Improved Social & Emotional Functioning
81% improvement among 2,232 local children.

Increased Home Activities & Use of Resources
Working with over 3,000 families directly, 74% of parents/caregivers engaged in learning activities at home, and 71% of our families are receiving referred services.

Progress in Language Development
82% of children participating in programs are maintaining or progressing in language development.

Research-Backed Programming

Early Intervention
Literacy development begins at birth.
BUW interventions begin as early as birth because a baby’s brain forms 700 new neural connections per second, making those early years hugely important to learning potential. 

Home Visiting
Involved parents ensure greater success.
BUW supported tools, guidance and techniques encourage parents to provide a safe and nurturing environment with age-appropriate expectations.

Early Education & Care
The achievement gap can be conquered.
BUW programs build vocabulary and encourage reading to help children from low-income families move towards more predictable success with skills that last a lifetime, like problem solving, taking initiative, working with others.

Family Engagement
Thriving homes rewards us all.
BUW programs encourage successful learners and future community members with resources and support for providers as well as extended family.

Collaborative Advocacy

BUW partners with local, state, and national agencies to advocate for:

  • Universal Pre-K programming
  • Increased wages for early educators
  • Mental health supports for children and families