Railroad Street Youth Project Virtual Booth

Who We Are

RSYP is a dynamic nonprofit organization with a $300,000+ annual budget, helping young people bring their ideas and inspirations to fruition and discover their place in the world. Our services and programs have evolved to meet the changing needs of local young people. The Youth Operational Board continues to fund youth-inspired projects. We run ongoing mentoring and apprenticeship programs, provide sexual health programming through the local schools, offer job training and career counseling, and staff an active drop-in center that provides counseling, mediation, referrals and advocacy services for young people in need.

What We Do

AT RAILROAD STREET, YOUTH TAKE THE LEAD. They explore their full potential and become equipped to meet the challenging transition to adulthood. RSYP’s professional staff expertly pairs youth-generated ideas with community resources, empowering youth to create and oversee a wide range of innovative, life-changing projects. Unmatched in mission and scope, RSYP excels in helping youth find their voice and realize the benefits of their commitment to themselves and their community. RSYP’s Mentoring Program creates interest-based matches for youth with volunteer adult mentors from our community. It is the only mentoring program in southern Berkshire County for young people ages 14-25. The program provides an opportunity for youth to be supported in meaningful relationships with caring adults to expand their horizons and reach self-identified goals in their lives.

Volunteer Opportunities

RSYP runs a one-to-one, personal development mentoring program to match the interests of youth to mentors in the community.

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