Cooler Communities Virtual Booth

Who We Are

In the Cooler Communities school grant program, students’ classroom work on climate change, energy use, and conservation becomes the centerpiece of a fun and informative, virtual or in-person, community event that leads to measurable results and benefits for the students, their communities and the earth.

What We Do

The Cooler Communities Program is based on a successful pilot project from Concord, MA, called Cooler Concord. Based on principles of social marketing – Saving Energy is Cool! – it leverages classroom education to empower students and set a whole community on the path to smarter energy choices.

Students of all ages research and create exhibits and materials on climate change, energy efficiency and related subjects within their curriculum requirements to be displayed at a district-wide event. Vendors, community members, and service providers offer advice and show ways in which visitors can take energy-smart actions that work best for them.

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