Berkshire Youth Development Project

Berkshire County has three regionally-based organizations, which convene key stakeholders through Community Coalitions and other collaborations to address issues that impact youth: The Northern Berkshire Community Coalition, Railroad Street Youth Project and Berkshire United Way’s Positive Youth Development efforts. 

The BYDP seeks to promote positive youth development strategies and activities throughout Berkshire County that will lead to the successful transition of youth to adulthood.

Prevention Needs Assessment Survey

Biennially, in collaboration with Bach-Harrison LLC, the partners, with support from various mental health and social service agencies, review and administer the Prevention Needs Assessment Survey (PNAS) to students in grades 8, 10 and 12 across the county.

The survey asks many questions aimed at quantifying the prevalence of substance use as well as other risk and protective factors that may contribute to those rates.  You can view the results of the 2017 PNAS HERE.

The next PNAS is anticipated to happen in the Fall of 2018.

Prevention Needs Assessment Survey (PNAS)
The Risk and Protective Factor Model of Substance Abuse Prevention

Objectives of the Berkshire Youth Development Project 

  • Coordinate, through a regional approach, and at times autonomous approach, activities to drive the sharing of services, resources, knowledge, and collaborative undertakings.
  • Promote the use of developmental outcomes and proven methods of prevention that increase protective factors and decrease risk factors of Berkshire county youth.
  • Increase meaningful opportunities for youth to build skills, network with peers, develop leadership skills, and experience personal growth

Separate task forces working within BYDP work on the annual 411 in the 413 Youth Conference, PNAS administration, and training conferences for youth workers.

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