COVID-19 Emergency Funding Grantees

Berkshire United Way, Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Northern Berkshire United Way, and Williamstown Community Chest have worked in close collaboration to administer grants from the Fund.

We also worked with the Massachusetts COVID-19 Relief Fund to leverage additional grant funding to support organizations that focused on essential workers and vulnerable populations.

Emergency Response Fund Request [paused]


AS OF MAY 21, 2021


COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund: $2,147,050

BTCF Neighbor-to-Neighbor Fund: $363,254*
Massachusetts COVID-19 Relief Fund: $752,482*
*Learn more about these funds under additional funding

Total emergency funding distributed: $3,262,786


Barrington Stage Company | Berkshire County
To purchase 40 Samsung tablets for the Playwright Mentoring Project (PMP). PMP students will use the tablets as needed to fully participate in the virtual class sessions and online play readings that are planned for the upcoming PMP cycle.

Berkshire Center for Justice | Berkshire County
To enable the center to continue offering and augmenting legal and social service support for residents dealing with eviction/homelessness, lack of access to medical care, disability, domestic violence, elderly services and more.

Berkshire Community Action Council | Berkshire County
To supply 100 seniors with a basket of canned goods, pasta, sauce, paper supplies and a $50 gift card to a local supermarket. The supermarket will shop for the senior and deliver to their home.
Second request: To provide another 100 baskets for the elderly population.

Berkshire Community Diaper Project | Berkshire County
To purchase 30,000 diapers, a typical six-week supply. During this time, they are continuing to provide diapers to all of their usual partners for distribution, as well as additional sites and human service agencies still open.
Second request: To purchase two full months’ worth of diapers from the National Diaper Bank Network and other sources to continue distributing to established partnering food pantries and human service agencies, individual families, to four added recipients in response to the pandemic and the Salvation Army.

Berkshire County ARC | Berkshire County
To secure supplies for the houses and personal protective equipment for the staff who care for the individuals. Seven of the 42 group homes have been ordered to be quarantined; 85 staff and individuals are quarantined and numerous more are waiting for test results.

Berkshire County Head Start | Berkshire County
In preparation for children coming in on June 29, to set up additional space to spread out staff offices and potentially add an additional classroom at the Pittsfield site.

Berkshire Family YMCA | Pittsfield/North Adams
To help emergency child care sites provide safe, consistent child care for emergency workers to enhance the community’s ability to respond to the pandemic.

Berkshire Food Collaborative Project | Berkshire County
Working with three regional food coordinators to build plans for assessing the food access networks in the county and building an action plan for the COVID-19 response, as well as a sustainability plan.

Berkshire Health Systems | Berkshire County
To address gaps with patients being discharged from the hospital that need basic quality of life necessities. Will support highly vulnerable individuals with nutrient dense meal enhancements and items that support basic needs in the first week post-discharge. Each reusable necessity bag will be modified to meet the individual’s needs and will contain items such as: emergency first 24-hour supply of nonperishable food products, gift card for groceries, medicine box, hygiene and weather-related items, feminine products for females, COVID-19 fact sheet and updated community resource list.

Berkshire HorseWorks | Berkshire County
To support the Healers and Horses program, which provides a safe platform where healthcare workers can identify, explore and process feelings associated with their work, and address trauma, offer emotional support and an outlet for expression and provide positive coping skills during the crisis.

Berkshire Immigrant Center | Berkshire County
To provide micro-grants of $500 to the most vulnerable among their clients, including those they know to be low-income and at-risk due to age, underlying health conditions or need to continue to work in jobs that put them at personal risk.

Berkshire Nursing Families | Berkshire County
To purchase two Medela Baby Weigh Scales to be used for home checks by phone and later retrieved outside the home, as well as sensitive baby scales and masks, gloves, antiviral wipes and blue chucks for personal and family protection.

Berkshires Tomorrow, Inc. (BRPC) | Pittsfield/Adams
Weekend Restaurant Program: To secure meals for children from Berkshire County restaurants and distribute them on Saturdays and Sundays when school districts are not providing meals. On March 21 and 22, 700 meals were served from eight restaurants. It is estimated that this amount will provide over 3,500 meals on weekends from March 21-April 12.
Second request: To provide an additional 150 meals in Adams in cooperation with Adams/Cheshire School District April 11, 18 and 25.
Third request: To cover costs of 500 care packages of groceries to be distributed to Pittsfield Public School families on April 21 to cover spring break while food distribution is suspended.
Fourth request: For Berkshire Farmer’s Market to purchase necessary supplies and equipment to help 12 participating markets operate in compliance with state-issued regulation.
Fifth request: To support the SNAP Market Match program at Berkshire County Farmers Markets. (Made possible by funding from Berkshire Health Systems.)

BRIDGE | Berkshire County
To continue to provide services and supplies to the 20+ BRIDGE families, but also increase capacity to support/serve any family that has fallen through the cracks with referrals, services, supplies and food.
Second request: To continue to help Happiness Toolbox families with continued access to resources. Will run parent education (based on the toolbox curriculum) and Women to Women bilingually from a digital format.
Third request: Will join food access coordinators and correlating agencies across the county to provide cultural competence, equity and inclusion, and systems change training to reach and support the most vulnerable populations in the most productive and least harmful ways.
Fourth request: Food and gift cards for delivery on the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) for 90 families.

The Brien Center | Berkshire County
To purchase more laptops, cell phones, annual service fees for teletherapy, video conferencing fees for remote staff supervision, medical supplies (PPE, thermometers) and cleaning supplies.
Second request: To expand the breadth, capacity and efficiency of telehealth capabilities to meet growing needs, by creating a portal and adding computers for remote work.

Chabad of the Berkshires | Berkshire County
To provide Passover food packages that include meat, fish, chicken, fruit and vegetables to families and the elderly.
Second request: To distribute another 450 food packages to families, youth and elderly.

Child Care of the Berkshires | Central and Northern Berkshire
To help with deep cleaning and sanitization of the centers, purchase of PPE (gloves, gowns, thermometers) and extra staff to ensure program spaces are cleaned and sanitized during the first two months of operation.

Child Development and Education, Inc. | Berkshire County
Securing matching funds from the Commonwealth Children’s Fund to support family child care providers with reopening plans.

Community Health Programs | Berkshire County
To purchase critically needed supplies and materials, as well as help bridge gaps in service due to significant shifting of resources. CHP is actively treating patients while trying to keep patients and healthcare workers safe.
Second request: To support repurposing the Mobile Health Units for well-baby visits and to provide free and emergency food to high-risk populations.

Community Legal Aid | Berkshire County
To be able to use a lawyer to assist low-income students and families with issues related to their children’s education and income stability, and to acquire technical equipment to increase connectivity in the North Adams satellite office.

Elder Services of Berkshire County Inc. | Berkshire County
To help maintain social distancing and maintain a sanitized kitchen environment, and to provide supplies like face masks, disposable gloves and sanitizer for staff in the kitchen and drivers for the Meals on Wheels program.

Elizabeth Freeman Center | Berkshire County
To improve access to food for children and youth, and especially immigrant survivors, particularly those without documentation, by providing food gift cards and vouchers to Price Chopper (the only story in Berkshire County that accepts their vouchers), as well as assisting families in the shelter. Will purchase, prepare and serve 3 meals a day.

Food Bank of Western Massachusetts | Berkshire County
Will be added to existing food pantry accounts to purchase food and pay for the shared maintenance fee on some donated food items. Will provide Berkshire County emergency food network distribution data, COVID-19 infection data, and related unemployment data to supplement information received directly from feeding site partners. Data sharing in areas of capacity constraints, closings or significant changes due to volume increase/decrease.
Second request: To support affiliated food pantries in Berkshire County. (Made possible by funding from Berkshire Health Systems.)
Third request: To cover Berkshire County capacity building grants for Berkshire Food Project, Christian Center and CHP.

Josh Bresette Commit to Save a Life Committee | Berkshire County
To be used for sober living rents for those who have completed a detoxification or clinical stabilization program and are ready to move onto the next step of recovery. Sober living homes provide a safe and supportive environment that is essential to successful treatment for those seeking recovery from opioid use.

Kids Arts Production | Berkshire County
The MindShifting Forward program will support Berkshire County children and families experiencing a spectrum of organic, racial, sexual, medical, environmental, and experiential trauma. The program offers specialized, trauma-informed and healing-centered arts programming.

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health | Berkshire County
To support the RISE program, which has developed a 6-week series to include the full suite of RISE modules, to serve nonprofit staff, first responders and educators experiencing inordinate amounts of stress and uncertainty.

Mass 2-1-1 | Berkshire County
To help staff meet the high call volume due to inquiries about COVID-19 resources and assistance.

MassHire Berkshire Career Center | Berkshire County
Will support the Berkshire Training & Employment Inc. (BTEI) program, which provides vulnerable youth with educational, vocational and career preparation and family support. BTEI offers Young Parent Support, Workforce Innovative Opportunity Act (WIO) Title 1 Services and Youth Works summer programming.

MassHire Berkshire Workforce Board | Berkshire County
Social Emotional Learning Professional Development Series for Berkshire County teachers and families to support mental health. Consultant was hired to provide two workshops.

NAMI Berkshire County | Berkshire County
Will partner with Berkshire Pathway to create a “Warm Line” that will be manned part time by persons with lived experience and in recovery from mental illness who can listen, guide and offer much needed empathy and tips to calm a person during a period of high anxiety. Funds will be used to enhance phone-to-phone servicing and also incorporate a video-based means of connection.
Second request: To change platform/programs, which includes changes to technology, to model NAMI Mass, the state NAMI umbrella affiliate.

Regional Food Coordination Projects | Berkshire County

  • North County | two projects: 1. Goodwill Food Transportation Project, a collaboration between Goodwill and 6 food access sites delivering food from Food Bank of Western MA; 2. A trailer for North Adams Farmer’s Market to support transportation of supplies and amenities to reopen and operate, as well as financial support for the Market Match program.
  • Central County | hiring two (short-term) part-time coordinators, one “on the ground” and one overseeing the system as a whole, both focused on a collaborative approach to sustain current systems and partnerships, fill in gaps, and continue to build capacity in the emergency food network.
  • South County | meal distribution project aimed at filling gaps in provision of prepared meals for those in need as well as beginning to build the infrastructure to support a system that provides a broad range of opportunities to those in need of food and those developing skills to work in existing businesses or start a food business.

Roots Rising | Berkshire County
To launch a virtual farmers market where shoppers can place online orders with multiple vendors. Those with SNAP benefits will have their money matched through grant funds. Once a week, farmers will bring purchased goods to a central drop-off point and volunteers will package the orders and deliver them to the doorsteps of the shoppers.
Second request: To streamline their systems and expand capacity to be able to serve as many community members as possible. Since opening the virtual farmer’s market, they have served over 750 households and are currently supporting 15 farmers and food producers, with more vendors to be included.

UCP of Western MA | Pittsfield/North Adams
To support a food/supply pantry, as well as pay for personal protective equipment and travel of the caregivers making special runs. Will help sanitize the drop-off centers to contain the potential risk of spreading the virus from the returning caregivers.
Second request: For equipment needed to get their Durable Medical Equipment Program back up and running to help seniors and persons effected by COVID-19 transition out of long-term care, such as nursing homes, or the hospital.

Arts in Recovery | Southern Berkshire
Will support the arts-based youth suicide prevention program that serves predominately low-income families by funding supplies and technology needed to move to an online platform.

Berkshire Grown | Southern Berkshire
To purchase food from local farms and support a small portion of the additional and unexpected costs for the organizations whose staff have taken on this project in addition to their regular workload. Will benefit low-income families and adults facing food insecurity, as well as Berkshire farmers whose normal market channels have all but dried up.
Second request: To purchase 600 half gallons of milk from local farmers to deliver on a weekly basis through June to Berkshire Hills Regional, Farmington River, Lee Public and Southern Berkshire school districts, Community Health Program office and People’s Pantry in Great Barrington.

Berkshire Hills Regional School District | Southern Berkshire
To purchase 600 cloth face masks that will be made by one of the teachers who runs a baby clothing business and given to each family in the school district.
Second request: To continue to serve each family (225 students) three bags of food every Friday.

Berkshire South Regional Community Center | Southern Berkshire
To improve access to food in south county. Nourishing Neighbors will aim to provide 500 restaurant-prepared meals via a drive-through non-contact distribution managed through Berkshire South. Home-bound can place orders for delivery on a first-come, first-serve basis. Restaurants will deliver meals to the center each Wednesday and volunteers will distribute that afternoon.
Second request: To open both the summer camp and child care program for ages 2 years, 9 months through 14, following MA guidelines.
Third request: To provide approximately 1,250 meals, prepared by a south county restaurant, to around 300 households in south county towns for four weeks.

Christ Trinity Church | Southern Berkshire
To expand the community sponsor program feeding families in Southern Berkshire Regional School District to include meals for the elderly. Working with Dan Smith at John Andrews Farmhouse Restaurant to create senior-sized meals and looking for a way to identify seniors in need and a safe distribution system.

Construct | Southern Berkshire
To maintain essential services to those who are homeless or living with low income in South County and to increase social and financial supports for those unable to meet their basic needs.
Second request: To support a new Rental Loan Program to serve 10-12 families whose “moderate” income has decreased due to the pandemic. Participants will be referred to Greylock Federal Credit Union, which will provide financial coaching to assist with budgeting, credit score improvement, fraud disputes and companion banking services.

Early Childhood Consultants | Southern Berkshire

  • Cynthia Segui @ Berkshire South Regional Community Center | Pilot project to provide behavioral health consultation support for program staff, children, and families. Includes bi-monthly hourly meetings with staff, classroom observations to monitor children with disruptive behavior, and provide coaching and modeling to support staff with positive behavioral management techniques and individualized support for families as needed.
  • Jessica Pollard/Heather Lucy @ Busy Bee Learning Center | Creating holistic, impactful, relevant, and integrative expressive arts lessons that nurture the whole child, in combinations with family and staff. Lessons will involve ELA, art, kinetics and sensorimotor opportunities, as well as mental health strategies, all rooted in social-emotional learning.

Farmington River Regional School District | Southern Berkshire
To continue to provide food and staples to 40 families (which include 78 children and 52 seniors) in Otis and Sandisfield through the summer months.

Great Barrington Farmer’s Market | Southern Berkshire
To continue the Market Match Program, which provides a dollar-for-dollar match on SNAP, WIC, and senior farmers market check purchases.

Greenagers | Southern Berkshire
To support food access for income eligible families by installing garden beds in the community and to increase the capacity of April Hill Conservation and Education Center to alleviate food insecurity and boost food sovereignty.

Lee Youth Association | Southern Berkshire
Will support emergency child care for essential employees of Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing, which is manufacturing drugs that could benefit patients suffering from COVID-19.
Second request: To support the opening of Busy Bee Learning Center in July, including safety protocols.

Mount Carmel Care Center | Lenox
To purchase medical diagnostic equipment, specifically 5 pulse-oximeters used to evaluate the level of blood oxygen in those with respiratory symptoms. The equipment will address the immediate increased demand for services to the elderly admitted to this facility with respiratory symptoms who are aged and infirm.

The People’s Pantry | Southern Berkshire
To provide needed support to execute a more efficient process and sign-in procedure due to an increase in demand.

Railroad Street Youth Project | Southern Berkshire
To redesign and implement programs (Drop-in Center, Apprenticeship Program, Youth Operational Board, Self-Care Club) to best serve the immediate, emerging needs of at-risk youth experiencing significant risk factors due to Covid-19 (isolation, elevated symptoms of depression and anxiety, family stressors including food and housing insecurity, homo/transphobia, problems with family alcohol/drug use, environmental stressors such as structural racism, etc.) while maintaining safety for all.

Richmond Consolidated Schools | Southern Berkshire
The number of meals per day is currently 80-100. As the school district anticipates the number will grow, funds will help improve access to food for children and the elderly in Richmond and West Stockbridge.

South Berkshire Emergency Response Center | Southern Berkshire
To provide emergency lodging at local motels for south county healthcare workers and first responders, as well as housing and meals for COVID-19 positive first responders and healthcare workers who can’t safely quarantine at home.

South Berkshire Regional School District | Southern Berkshire
To purchase produce and milk from local farmers for families with children under age 21.

Volunteers in Medicine Berkshires | Southern Berkshire
To increase medical staff capacity, reducing the gap normally filled by volunteer professionals, and to bolster organizing efforts around determinants of health, working closely with the school systems, People’s Pantry, BCAC and others.
Second request: To increase patient care coordination staffing to increase capacity and build on their vital role in supporting patients around social determinants of health (needed resources in the community).
Third request: To support a comprehensive telehealth and telecommuting plan to address immediate needs and to carry VIM into the future.

18 Degrees | Pittsfield
To pay child care staff and a facilities manager to be onsite while it is open Monday-Friday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, for children of essential workers; to purchase supplies that are uniquely required during this outbreak, such as sanitizing supplies; and to help cover the extra time and site adaptions needed to make it ready for emergency childcare and to minimize risk of spreading the virus.
Second request: To support the increase of health and safety precautions as they transition from emergency child care back to regular operations.

Berkshire Bridges Working Cities | Central Berkshire
Through their Community Navigators program, increase outreach and services to immigrant populations who cannot access some of the benefits rolling out, households that were already struggling before the crisis, and households isolated by lack of transportation or quarantine.

Berkshire Dream Center | Central Berkshire
To keep the Mobile Food Pantry open to provide food and other essential needs to the Morningside community, as well as keep the trucks running with fuel and one staff on site to oversee the volunteers.

Berkshire Family and Individual Resources (BFAIR) | Central Berkshire
To provide PPE to staff and adults with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries residing in BFAIR homes or living independently with staff supports.

Berkshire Sewing Team | Central Berkshire
To procure materials and sewing machines used for the production of face masks that meet CDC guidelines, which will be donated to essential workers as well as nonprofits for distribution.

Boys & Girls Club of the Berkshires | Central Berkshire
For staff supporting the Weekend Restaurant Program and for cleaning the facility after being used to put together and distribute meals on Saturdays and school vacation week, as well as being used for delivery of food for Berkshire Family YMCA child care.
Second request: To support necessary preparations for opening summer camps (Day Camp, Sports Camp, Recreational Therapy Camp and Preschool Camp) on June 29 for 8 weeks for over 100 campers.

Cathedral of the Beloved | Pittsfield
An outdoor worshipping community that has met those experiencing homelessness and poverty every Sunday on the lawn of St. Joseph’s. This grant will address some basic needs for the homeless, the housing insecure and the hungry. St. Stephens has offered its sanctuary as a drop-in center for this vulnerable population.

Central Berkshire Coordinating Center | Central Berkshire
To purchase difficult to locate personal protective equipment in anticipation of the surge for Central Berkshire towns.

Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity | Central Berkshire
To cover mortgage payments, taxes and insurance for 29 families representing 115 people for 60 days.

Central Berkshire Regional School District | Central Berkshire
To expand the grab-and-go program to include all free and reduced lunch for CBRSD students now participating due to the extended school closure.

CBRSD Weekend Backpack Program | Central Berkshire
To help cover the purchase of additional food and restricted grocery cards for families impacted by the extended school closure.

Christian Center | Central Berkshire
Will fund food and household supplies for a food pantry twice a week, as well as support efforts at the Hilton Garden Inn, where CHP and the state have established housing for homeless clients that are positive or suspected positive.

Community Food Pantry at South Congregational Church | Pittsfield
To increase the amount of food ordered from the food bank each week and to be able to buy food from other sources to feed no less than 550 families a week. Would also buy masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.

Dalton Community Recreation Association | Central Berkshire
To offer child care service for essential workers and vulnerable families that have no other option for non-group child care.
Second request: To support an educational, fun, virtual-free, safe summer camp for youth (of which approximately 50% of the families are low-income and receive some financial aid).

Dalton Council on the Aging | Central Berkshire
To support outreach and wellness efforts to senior citizens impacted by social distancing. Will address providing information and tools to prepare seniors for the gradual reopening of social life and the emotional challenges of disconnectedness.

Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center | Pittsfield
To help pay salary costs for staff who have stepped forward to provide care for 40 children, vulnerable and those of families designated as essential workforce.
Second request: To support startup costs for new equipment and staffing needs to transition into regular group child care under the Department of Early Education and Care’s minimum requirements for health and safety.

Hinsdale Food Pantry | Central Berkshire
To continue to operate a temporary, mobile food pantry in the parking lot of the Hinsdale Trading Company Thursdays 10-11 am. Each week, the mobile pantry distributes food to 60-70 families from Hinsdale, Peru and Washington.

Iglesia Castillo Fuerte | Central Berkshire
Small, independent Baptist congregation of immigrant families mostly of Latino descent from different parts of the world. The funding will support 45 families with small emergency grants, gift cards and masks.

Iglesia Fuente de Salvacion Misionera, Inc. | Central Berkshires
Mentoring program for at-risk youth ages 10-22. Priority will be given to immigrant youths and those struggling with family separation, substance use and/or mental/emotional disorders affecting family life and school or community behavior.

It Takes a Village | Central Berkshire
To operate the Village Closet for contactless pickup and delivery, which includes gathering items from multiple storage locations, mileage reimbursement for volunteers making deliveries and purchasing a variety of infant formula, bulk packets of wipes and diapers in the most needed sizes. Also provide PPE for staff and volunteers and for the assembly and distribution of 100 additional Resource Packs, which include safety supplies and information about other local service agencies. This organization provides free postpartum and early parenting support and resources.

Manos Unidas | Central Berkshire
To partner with Shirley Edgerton, of Next Generation Global Ministries, and Berkshire Mutual Aid Network to expand the “We’re all in this Together” meal deliveries to include a Wednesday delivery for the Latino and undocumented Latino community. This grant was made possible in part by a generous contribution from the Latino Legacy Fund at The Boston Foundation.

Pittsfield Public Schools | Pittsfield
To off-set the cost of food, providing a nutritious entrée, a fruit or fresh vegetable and low-fat milk to grab-and-go sites in Pittsfield for as long as students are not in school.

Price Memorial AME Zion Church | Central Berkshire
To support nearly four months of food and personal care distribution, as well as a new meat slicer, for the “Feed Thy Neighbor” outreach ministry, which meets the needs of the homeless, under-resourced adults, children and veterans.

Rites of Passage and Empowerment (ROPE) | Pittsfield
To provide a hot and nutritious meal one time per week to families residing in public housing, West and Morningside communities and to a known area populated by some that do not have a stable home. For some of the youth who have temporarily lost employment, impacting the family’s income and ability to address basic needs, will offer a $50 stipend.
Second request: R.O.P.E. members/alumni and mentors of Sessions Athletics and Life Skills Training will lead a program, “We Are in This Together Youth Link Up,” to keep youth engaged and safely in their homes through activities and conversation.
Third request: Programming to support positive mental health activities to underserved youth ages 12-24.

Salvation Army | Central Berkshire
To purchase food products, beverages and packaging to be able to prepackage individual bagged lunches for distribution through their feeding program and food pantry.

ServiceNet | Pittsfield
To add staff to support the 24-hour shelter in the old St. Joseph’s Central High School to deconcentrate Barton’s Crossing and Soldier On. Both facilities cannot meet the social distance conditions advised and this will diminish the risk of infection to shelter guests and staff.

Soldier On | Pittsfield
To provide three meals per day for every shelter resident residing at the newly operational shelter at St. Joseph’s Central High School and also provide Soldier On staff to assist Service Net staff during the overnight shift 7 days a week. Will also fund three meals per day for six weeks for Barton’s Crossing current residents, four weeks of lunch for Soldier On current residents, three meals for two weeks for Soldier On current residents and two weeks of additional staffing and laundry.

Town of Windsor | Central Berkshire
To prepare and distribute meals twice weekly – on Monday, a hot meal to be delivered or picked up at noon and on Thursday, frozen family meals to be delivered or distributed. Families will be identified by the Council on the Aging outreach coordinator, CBRSD, Windsor Board of Health agent and requests from residents. They anticipate 75 each day.

Western Mass Labor Action | Central Berkshire
To support emergency food and supply distribution to food-insecure residents primarily through non-contact deliveries; phone advocacy to assist those who have lost jobs, income, health care access; and a membership “phone tree” as a lifeline reaching vulnerable families and seniors in need of food and other services.

Western Mass Recovery Learning Community | Central Berkshire
To provide access to basic needs supports to at least 80 people directly impacted by psychiatric diagnosis, trauma, extreme stress, homelessness, addiction and other life-interrupting challenges. 

Adams Council on the Aging | Northern Berkshire
To provide 100 older adult households with a “Keep Active” Basket of Hope to address mental stimulation and physical activity opportunities.

Al Nelson Friendship Center Food Pantry | Northern Berkshire
To purchase food from the Western Massachusetts Food Bank and increase food supply, as well as for any additional operating costs associated with moving to a larger facility.

Berkshire Food Project | Northern Berkshire 
In the near term, to purchase prepared sandwiches and meals to increase capacity to serve more, as well as provide access to prepared food on Tuesdays and Thursdays when meals are not provided. Over the next month, to purchase  prepared sandwiches and ready to-eat food, as well as gift cards to local food providers in $10 increments.
Second request: Additional funding to purchase approximately 3,000 meals from establishments between April 13 and May 8 to feed an increasing number of families and individuals seeking assistance.
Third request: To provide two meals, half prepared by local restaurants and half prepared in their own kitchen, to 55 individuals among 22 families through the end of May. Meals are delivered by the Emergency Operations Center in City Hall.
Fourth request: To support meals, materials and supplies needed to get back to normal operation.

Berkshire Helping Hands | Northern Berkshire
To directly purchase and home deliver needed supplies, food, toiletries and other direct needs to families with children, the elderly and the homeless.

Cheshire Food Pantry | Northern Berkshire
To restock the pantry to continue to assist seniors and the families of Cheshire.
Second request: To reach an additional 100 residents during May. Food bags are delivered to those with without transportation or in isolation.

Community Bible Church | Northern Berkshire
To purchase personal care and cleaning products for clients and a supply of hand sanitizer, gloves and masks for the volunteers who work at the food pantry.

Ecu-Health Care | Northern Berkshire
To secure items necessary to ensure a safe environment for staff and consumers as they reopen. This organization helps uninsured and underinsured North County residents access affordable health coverage.

Goodwill Industries of the Berkshires & Southern Vermont | Northern Berkshire
Partnering with the Food Bank of Western Mass to deliver food products to five locations in North County. Funds will support transportation costs.
Second request: To support transportation costs through July and August.
Third request: Support transportation costs for the continued partnership with the Food Bank of Western Mass to deliver products to 6 North County food pantries.

Louison House | Northern Berkshire
To create more space for current residents and fire victims that could rise by 10. Recently, 18 were displaced by fire and needed shelter housing.
Second request: To continue to provide emergency housing (rental, motels and space in the house, as well as a few small tents), staffing, transportation, extra food and supplies, and a cooling space when temperatures are high.

North Adams Farmers Market | North Adams
To match funds for EBT/SNAP users of a pre-order style mobile market and to also purchase safety equipment (gloves, masks, sanitizer, delivery bags) to be used by the volunteers.

North County Emergency Planning Commission | Northern Berkshire
To allow the Emergency Operations Center to continue to operate, including signage for the center, media live feeds out to the public, installation of a phone system for the hotline and for internet, moving of furniture and setting up offices, contracts with phone conferencing, and food and refreshments to minimize potential exposure to staff.

Northern Berkshire Community Coalition Weekend Meal Project | Northern Berkshire
To coordinate up to 150 meals delivered each weekend for 5 weekends in partnership with local organizations and local restaurants who are willing to participate by making meals and delivering to those in need.
Second request: To additionally serve weekend meals through the end of May to residents who are unable to leave their home or have no accessible transportation options to get to the meal sites.

Northern Berkshire EMS | Northern Berkshire
To keep the Northern Berkshire COVID-19 Operations Center support hotline appropriately staffed to handle the projected call increases for requests to help children, elderly, and under and uninsured.

Our Lady of Charity (St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church) | Northern Berkshire
As a 100% volunteer organization, this grant will help them assist those lost in the gaps of service. The strongest demand is homeless prevention, but volunteers are also responding to calls for help 5 days a week and the parish has offered to host the North Adams Friendship Center food pantry and space for a remote teaching program for a group of Drury High School teachers.

ROOTS Teen Center | North Adams
To provide personal hygiene products, snacks and meals to youth in the community. WRAPS Program at Williams College, which provided a freezer and weekly meals, has terminated this service for the duration of the semester.
Second request: Will address increased demand for afterschool programming. Will support the development of regular online activities for ages 14-22. Workshop materials will be provided via scheduled pick-up outside the center or home delivery. Will also host online meet-ups several times per week so youth can connect with one another and caring adults, as well as open mic nights, poetry slams and other group activities.

Town of Williamstown/Farmers Market | Northern Berkshire
Through a new initiative, Williamstown Farmers Market – Essentials!, will safely provide fresh food access to Williamstown and Northern Berkshire community while supporting local farmers through e-commerce, modern technologies and cooperative efforts.  

Williamstown Food Pantry | Northern Berkshire
To expand capability to support patrons with groceries (food and personal care products) and emergency assistance with utilities and child-care expenses at this time.

Youth Center Inc. (Adams) | Northern Berkshire
Has been approved by EEC as an exempt childcare program to provide care for up to 14 children, Monday-Friday, 6:30 am to 6:30 pm, for essential workers and vulnerable families that have no other options for childcare. Will purchase additional materials and supplies to expand the STEM curriculum, to give the staff additional pay, and to support added cleaning and sanitizing costs.
Second request: To support extra staff over the next two months while school is closed, as well as Chromebooks for remote learning, the ability to maintain online engagements with members and cleaning maintenance.


Thanks to the support of the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Fund through Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, these Berkshire County organizations were able to provide emergency one-time assistance to individuals during COVID-19. Learn more about the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Fund.

18 Degrees • Adams Council on Aging • Berkshire Community Action Council • Berkshire Community College Foundation • Berkshire Health Systems/Cancer Center • Berkshire Health Systems/Macony Pediatrics • Berkshire Housing Development Corporation & Berkshire Housing Service • Berkshire Immigrant Center • Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity • Community Health Programs • Dalton Community Recreation Association • Elder Services of Berkshire County • Volunteers in Medicine Berkshires • West Cummington Congregational Church • Williamstown Food Pantry

These organizations were supported by additional grant funding from the Massachusetts COVID-19 Relief Fund to support those across the state most impacted by the health crisis, focusing on essential frontline workers and vulnerable populations including the homeless, immigrants, people with disabilities and those facing food insecurity. The fund works in concert with regional community foundations and nonprofit and local leaders to understand the response and relief landscape, strategically filling in where gaps are pronounced. Learn more about the Massachusetts COVID-19 Relief Fund.

18 Degrees • Berkshire Community College Foundation • Berkshire Food Project • Berkshire Grown • Berkshire Immigrant Center Berkshire South Regional Community Center • Berkshire Tomorrow Inc.BRIDGE • The Brien Center • Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity • Child Care of the Berkshires • Community Health Programs • Construct, Inc. • Food Bank of Western Massachusetts • Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center • Lee Youth Association •  Roots Rising • Volunteers in Medicine Berkshires

Over 5,000 heads of lettuce | Berkshire County
Donated by the Berkshire Education and Correction Services Aquaponic Training Facility at the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office. On March 18, 440 went to South Congregational Church in Pittsfield, 280 to Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) in Great Barrington, 60 to Claire Teague Senior Center and 60 to People's Pantry. On March 23, 600 to South Congregational Church in Pittsfield.

On March 24, 250 to Adams Council on Aging, The Friendship Food Pantry in North Adams and The Williamstown Food Pantry at St. Patrick & Raphael Parish. During the week of March 30, 1,050 heads and the week of April 6, 800 heads to various organizations.

From April 6-21, nearly 2,000 heads of lettuce were donated to various organizations.

Several dozen pastries | Pittsfield
Donated by Lenox Patisserie on March 21 to be distributed along with grab-and-go meals at the Boys & Girls Club of the Berkshires to children in the Pittsfield Public Schools.

Pizza | Pittsfield
From March through May, Papa John’s of Lenox will have donated more than 1,200 pizzas for Saturday meal distribution at the Boys & Girls Club of the Berkshires.

Grocery bag distribution | Pittsfield
For Pittsfield Spring Break – Blue Q and Market 32 donated reusable shopping bags and Big Y donated plastic bags. Walmart of North Adams donated four cases of Welch’s Jelly. Guido’s Fresh Marketplace, Samel’s Deli and Pittsfield Rye & Specialty Breads Co. provided discounted food products. BMC procured nonperishable goods that were in demand and not available. Boys & Girls Club of the Berkshires donated labor and space. Volunteers: Berkshire Community College and other community members.

Transportation and labor | Pittsfield
7,200 pounds of nonperishable food by L.P. Adams Co., Inc. from the Food Bank of Western Mass in Hatfield to Pittsfield for the South Congregational Church Food Pantry on April 1 and perishable and nonperishable food from Price Rite to St. Joseph’s Church on April 6.

Weekly loading and unloading of more than 3,000 pounds of perishable and nonperishable food to St. Joseph’s Church since April 6.

Hand sanitizer | Pittsfield
1 gallon of hand sanitizer donated by Berkshire Mountain Distillers for use at the Cathedral of the Beloved homeless drop-in shelter.

The grant review process is currently paused as our organizations assess longer-term needs related to the pandemic.
For inquiries, please contact review team member Maeve O'Dea at