Pittsfield Promise

Experts recognize that third grade marks the point where children shift from, "Learning to read to reading to learn."

Pittsfield Promise recognizes this endeavor begins at birth.

Pittsfield Promise is a coalition made up of committed people from various community sectors promoting projects and activities to ensure kindergarten readiness and enable 90% of third graders to be reading proficiently by 2020.  Our goal is to help the community create a pathway for school success, which begins at birth with the assistance of a warm, engaged, caring family member or person in each child's life.

Under the guidance of the Early Childhood Impact Council (ECIC) our strategies include:

  • Trauma informed community awareness and training.
  • Family engagement opportunities and the promotion of resources and support families need to thrive.
  • Increased access to high quality early childhood programs and services from birth to third grade.
  • Training and support for families and providers who work with families with young children.
  • Continued marketing and communications to promote Pittsfield Promise's initiatives and enlist community members to help and support our endeavors and goal.

Everyone in our community—families, educators, health and service providers, businesses, faith-based organizations, legislators and cultural institutions—has a role to play to ensure all children are on the right track to school success.

Current initiatives include:

  • 52 Berkshire Book Houses to offer 12,000 children, aged birth to nine years, access to books 24 hours a day.
  • Trauma informed trainings and support for community members, educators, and families to promote resilience in young children.
  • Opportunities for families to attend free events and find the resources they need.
  • Training opportunities for familiy programs and services.


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