Our Approach

Collective Impact

Berkshire United Way engages with the community through the Collective Impact approach which believes that in today’s environment, we can only achieve significant, sustainable improvements when we unlock the strengths of the entire community, rather than counting on a small number of individuals, non-profits and discrete programs to shoulder the burden. Collective impact involves collaboration among community and business leaders. What makes it unique is a common agenda, shared measures, activities among groups that are coordinated and reinforce one another, continuous communications, and a centralized structure.  Berkshire United Way acts as the backbone to convene, facilitate, support and otherwise keep the work focused and moving forward in each of our priority community issues of early childhood literacy, positive youth development and economic prosperity.

Results-Based Accountability (RBA)

Measuring the impact of our work is key to keeping us focused on the results we are determined to achieve for our community.  To know if we are getting there and when to change course if necessary.  That’s why Berkshire United Way uses the framework of Results-Based Accountability (RBA), a disciplined way of taking action that a community can use to improve the lives of children, youth, and adults. RBA can also be used by agencies and organizations to improve the performance of its programs.  In all instances, we ask ourselves three key questions: how much are we doing, how well are we doing it and, most importantly, is anyone better off as a result of the actions we have taken?

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