Long-time donor wins Berkshire United Way car

Dorothy Anderson, a committed Berkshire United Way donor for nearly 40 years, won the Berkshire United Way car on May 11 at Johnson Dealerships.

The 2017 Ford Fiesta was sponsored by Johnson Dealerships and Greylock Federal Credit Union as an incentive for donations to Berkshire United Way’s 2016 campaign. This marks the seventeenth year in a row that the two companies have participated in this giveaway, their contributions totaling over $150,000.

John Bissell, President and CEO of Greylock Federal Credit Union, left Anderson a voicemail live during the event, informing her that she’d won.

Anderson, who is 92 years old and no longer driving, opted for the $10,000 cash prize instead of the car. “Cash is good at any age,” she said. “I’ll just take that check and deposit it into my Greylock account.”

Berkshire United Way is investing over $2 million dollars in strategies to build our community.  All gifts, no matter the size, make a difference, because when all our gifts are pooled together, Berkshire United Way and its community partners impact over 20,000 lives right here in Berkshire County.

The car promotion is an effort to motivate people to give, either through their workplace campaign or as an individual donor. At Johnson’s suggestion, an extra incentive was added this year –those who contributed a dollar a day, or $365 or more, received five chances to win.  Seventy donors increased their gift to that amount.

A list of past winners can be found here.

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