Face the Facts reduce teen pregnancy

The Data and Facts

Children born to teen parents are far more likely to live in poverty as a result of the education and employment challenges faced by their young parents, while teen pregnancy can derail aspirations and positive youth development. There is some good news though- from 2009-2014, based on the State Department of Public Health, the Berkshire County teen birth rate declined 54.4% - thanks in part to the work this community is doing with the Face the Facts: Reduce Teen Pregancy coalition.

Face the Facts: Reduce Teen Pregnancy – a coalition comprising of representatives from business, education, health care, and local social service agencies – knows there is still more to do! The goal of the coalition is this – to reduce teen births by another 50% among Berkshire County 15-19 year olds by 2020. We have a four pronged strategy, layed out below, through which we will accomplish our goal.


Increase access to reproductive health services by:

• Expanding Tapestry Health into Southern Berkshire County

• Having Tapestry information tables at schools

• Having one-on-one meetings with health care providers to promote access

Develop and implement a reproductive health curriculum by:

• Training advocates to teach the "Get Real" reproductive health curriculum

• Offering the curriculum to every school in the county

Implement a two-generation approach to education by:

• Hosting "Let's Be Honest" workshops for students and parents

• Offering programs in English and Spanish

Expand marketing campaigns by:

• Continuing to run local radio, Pandora online radio ads, and YouTube videos

• Creating and distributing a map of Tapestry Health clinics

• Expanding outreach and materials to the local Latino population



Reproductive Healthcare Information

We have a comprehensive marketing campaign that is actively working on increasing community awareness on long acting reversible contraception, bust myths around reproductive health, and increase dialogue between parents and their children. Below are three of our promotional ads. For more information, please check out  the Tapestry Healthcare website. 

Berkshire Myth Busters

Berkshire Myth Busters 1
Berkshire Myth Busters 2
erkshire Myth Busters 3

Its takes an entire community to make this work happen. Join us. To learn more about how to get involved, contact Nataly Garzon, ngarzon@berkshireunitedway.org. We are always looking for youth leaders, parents to engage their peers, educators and the community to get engaged - there is a place for you to help support this important work. If you're looking for data, specifics or brochures, please contact us, we have a ton of more information available. Call (413) 442-6948. You can also attend our coalition meetings, which are open to the public.


Quarterly Meetings at 3:15-5:00pm


Meetings are held at Berkshire United Way, 200 South Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201


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