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Unistress Corporation employees, their spouses and friends participated in the inaugural Bikers for Books ride on Sunday, July 24 to benefit the Berkshire Book House initiative, launched earlier this year by Berkshire United Way. 

Twenty-three motorcycle riders, plus three participants in chase cars, departed from the Unistress garage at 11 a.m. and traveled 65 miles through Pittsfield, Richmond, West Stockbridge, Stockbridge, South Lee, Tyringham, Becket, Washington, Hinsdale and Dalton, before returning to Unistress at 1:45 p.m.

The primary objective of the ride was to move the Berkshire Book House in Tyringham, which was initially installed on a roller cart outside the town Post Office to a higher traffic area in the nearby Tyringham Park.  This entailed mounting the Book House on a pre-built slab, which was donated by Unistress Corporation.

Teri Billington, maintenance supervisor and hiring coordinator for Unistress Corporation said, “Unistress employees are encouraged to be ‘community minded’ and we look for opportunities to combine community involvement with employee camaraderie.”  Ultimately, these “out of company experiences” support a more cohesive workplace by reducing stress, improving employee morale and cultivating teamwork; the result of which aids in improving Unistress’ retention rate and helps them achieve their company goal of becoming one of the Berkshires’ Employers of Choice. 

Billington went on to say, “The Bikers for Books ride seemed to be a perfect way to get more of our employees involved in this project and add an ‘exclamation point’ to the work we completed for Berkshire United Way a few weeks earlier, building and installing the slabs used for freestanding Book Houses throughout the county.”

It appears Berkshire United Way and the children of Tyringham weren’t the only beneficiaries of this volunteer based, community minded initiative.  At the end of the ride, several participants approached Billington and said, “This was awesome!  What are we doing for OUR next project?”