Asset Based Community Development

The Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Learning Community was established in 2013 with the goal of identifying individuals’ gifts (or strengths) and passions and to connect them to assets in the community so that all Berkshire County residents are self-sufficient, proud of, active and engaged in our community.

The principles of ABCD include:

  • It starts with the simple truth, everyone has gifts.
  • The belief that neighborhoods and communities are built by focusing on the strengths and capacities of the citizens and associations that call the community “home.”
  • A place-based approach focusing on the assets of an identified geographic area.
  • The belief that the assets of a community's institutions can be identified and mobilized to build community – not just deliver services.
  • A range of approaches and tools, such as asset mapping, that can put these beliefs into practice.

The community meets to discuss the tools necessary to effectively implement the principles of ABCD in your work and life.

  • Organizations learn to identify their assets and develop strategies to achieve greater impact by effectively engaging clients as co-producers of our community well-being.
  • Neighborhood residents learn how to engage their neighbors and effectively use their gifts and passions to get what their community needs.

The Pittsfield Bridges Tranformational Movement leads this work by providing leadership training in ABCD principles and practices through Bridges out of Poverty trainings and Getting Ahead facilitators.

If you’re interested in getting engaged with the ABCD Learning Community, please contact Julie Singley, Coordinator of Research and Evaluation, at (413) 442-6948 x32.


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