18 Degrees Virtual Booth

Who We Are

18 Degrees is dedicated to the well-being of children and the strength of families to build a better community. Central to the mission is promoting an environment with every child in a family and every family in a community.

What We Do

18 Degrees promotes the well-being of children and youth, and the strength of families to build better communities in Western Massachusetts. We provide education, parenting skills and support, prevention and intervention, advocacy, and life skills across a spectrum of programs serving children, young people, individuals and families in four areas: early education and care; foster care and adoption; child and family well-being; youth and community development.

Hear more from 18 Degrees: https://youtu.be/F4PB0EsudQ8

Volunteer Opportunities

Tutors are needed to help students with homework and with understanding of various subjects. They assist and encourage their student in the learning process.

Serve as a voice for children who are involved in the juvenile court system in cases of abuse or neglect. Meet with children and the people involved with their care (biological parents, foster parents, school, therapist, pediatrician, etc.) to gather information for a judge to determine the best and safest place for them to live.

Mentors are needed to work with young people ages 10-24. Mentors serve as a role model and friend to help with homework, play a game, or just hang out. 

Contact Information

Contact: Amy Guachione

Phone: 413-281-6430 or 413-448-8281 x246

Email: aguachione@18degreesma.org